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It is my humble hope that this blog will entertain you at a minimum. But if I’m lucky, it will inspire you to get more out of life and to think about things that matter. More about me here.

The Best, Most Helpful Posts so far (if I do say so myself):

If you are considering online datingapply these 6 lessons based on 3 months of eharmony

If you are unsure what your key skills are, here is my review on this book: Strengthfinder 2.0, where you answer questions to determine what your Top 5 Skills are.

Considering a Career Transition? How to explore new avenues without fully committing.

Looking for a new job? Tips on how to find good jobs and tips on how to CRUSH the interview (in a good way).

Thinking of Quitting? Cool! Read this first.

Resources on how to set strong goals for yourself.

Considering a Life Coach? Or just confused and feeling like your life could be improved? Read this book.

What this blog is Really About

You’ll get my take on (with movie and song references included):

  • Finding purpose: A lofty goal, I know, but I feel like you and I were put on this earth for good reason. I’ve been taking courses, reading self help books, talking to experts and more. [Purpose Quest]
  • Finding Inspiration: Keeping positive is half the battle to feeling motivated enough to chase your dreams.  I’ll share experiences, people, books, movies, songs and more that have fueled my fire. [Inspiration]
  • Finding fun: I used to dislike change. As a result, all things became predictable including my social life. I am making a conscientious effort to shake things up. Also check out [dare] for things that scare me. [Dare Me]
  • Finding love: You could say I’m the Toronto version of Miss. Bradshaw, only younger, with a lack of single girl friends and more of a censor (what would my yia yia say?). [L’amour]
  • Growing Up: Suddenly we are buying cars, moving out, cooking, getting engaged, investing for the future. I’ll share musings/observations on this topic. [Growing Pains]
  • Other stuff: All else I’ve experienced and can share learnings or “you’re not alone” sentiments on will be shared here. [Personally yours]

You can find older content by clicking on the category titles on the side bar, or selecting an archive month (side bar) or searching key words. I try to post once a week.

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