Watching the Rolling Stones perform at the Air Canada Centre during their “50and Counting” 50th Anniversary Tour managed to nullify my raging quarter life crisis and bring me back to life. They may be wrinkly but don’t count Mick Jagger (69), Ronnie Wood (65), Keith Richards (69) or Charlie Watts (71) out yet.

A Gen Y and Baby Boomer enjoying the Rolling Stones 2013 50 and Counting Tour Together on May 25 at Toronto ACC

The Man who exposed me to the Stones and is a big fan. Thanks dad.

On Mick Jagger and Why Limiting Beliefs and Haters Should be Ignored

Some might say his ship has sailed but Mick Jagger proved he still the same pipes, dance moves and charisma that made him famous. Devoid of self doubt, Mick performed like no one was watching.

Every tongue wave, hip shake and arm bang was executed with commitment, rousing baby boomer fans into a tizzy and putting this Gen Y girl to shame (did someone say dance off?).

If I am 27 going on 70 then he is moving in the opposite direction. Never again shall I say that I am too tired or old to do anything.  On that note, if I could host a dinner party with Betty White and the Rolling Stones I think I just might learn how to live a happy, full life.

Mick Jagger performing at the Air Canada Center in Toronto on the 50th anniversary tour 50 and Counting.

Beautiful wrinkles – signs of long and full life.

On Keith Richards and Why Drugs Are Good For You

Keith sang “You got the silver”, “Before they make me run” and “Happy”. He got down low with his guitar and trademark smirk in tow.

“It’s good to be bad” Keith said, and while I have never done drugs, the proof just might be in the pudding. Not only will you retain a full head of hair well into your golden years, but you’ll also have enough stamina to perform for 2.5 hours straight, while deluding mental illness in order to relive your dirty glory years. How is that for a PSA?

And it would seem that Toronto Mayor Rob Ford shares his philosophy, as he made international news for alleged substance abuse. A highlight of the show was when Jagger threw a couple well placed jabs at Ford. Now that is how you bond with local audiences.

Bromance Showmance. Badass at 69.

Two Words: Bromance Showmance.

On The Rolling Stones And Why Positive Intentional Thinking Works

By the time I checked for Rolling Stones tickets, the only tickets that were left cost $450 or more. Dismayed, I joked that I would head to the stadium to get tickets from scalpers. This could be my last chance to see them live and nothing would stop me!

Lo and behold, my dad’s friend called us the day of the show with lower bowl tickets at 50% off from his scalper connection. You could call it blind luck but I call it positive conviction.

Never have I reaped rewards from pouring blood, sweat and tears into anything. Let us all approach new “goals” with quiet conviction and erase traces of worry, doubt and desperate action. After all, whatever will be, will be.

Oh yea, Carrie Underwood was there.

Oh yea, Carrie Underwood was there.

Ronnie Wood, Mick Jagger, Mick Taylor, Keith Richards and Charlie Watts take a final bow on May 25 2013 at Toronto ACC during 50 and Counting Anniversary Tour

Living Legends toasting to a job well done.

2013 TOUR VERDICT: Watch The Rolling Stones Live While You Still Can

Yes the ticket price is exorbitant but these are seasoned professionals who truly love what they do and leave their souls on stage. It did not feel like a final money grab attempt.

Their music was revolutionary and remains relevant today. “Satisfaction”, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” and “Emotional Rescue” encapsulate 2013 for me thus far.

The fact that none of the band members are dead (from drugs, assassination or old age) and that their bond has outlasted many modern day marriages, is a miracle. Often imitated <insert Hanson Jonas NKOB Backstreet One Direction reference here>, but never duplicated; they just don’t make Rock N Roll bands like they used to.

Share your favourite Rolling Stones song or anecdote in the comments so we can reminisce together. 

Mick Jagger cajoles Charlie Watts into taking a bow at the 50 and Counting tour stop in Toronto on May 25 2013

Forcing Charlie Watts to take a bow. He might be an introvert.

Mick Jagger salutes and waves goodbye to the Toronto crowd on May 25th on the 50 and Counting 50th anniversary tour.

Mick Jagger blowing kisses: shine on mon ami.

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