Just like with a hot guy at a bar, it is tempting to break eye contact if you feel unworthy of the gaze.

Since I was younger I’ve wanted to impact the world in a profound way. I thought acting was the ticket but over the last 7 years the “How” became very blurry.

There are so many ways to impact the world, whether it is through Thought Leadership and Innovation in the business world, scientific discoveries, not for profit endeavours, arts and entertainment, you name it.

Q1. So how do you know are chasing the right impact?

Since my screenwriting revelation in February, I’ve been less focused on managing my professional career at lightning speed and aware of the risk in doing so, essentially balancing two different balls in the air.

Meanwhile, my peers are launching start-ups, getting promoted to managerial roles, relocating for kick ass jobs and pursuing professional designations. Given my business background and experience, screenwriting isn’t the easiest road to strut down (meow).

I sometimes feel a pang (damn that masochistic comparison tendency). I wonder what it would be like to do <that>. I feel like I am lagging behind.

I think it all comes down to that little whisper in your head.

It’s hard not to get swept away by everyone else’s whispering voices. Sometimes yours won’t come with a 10 point justification list. Just like the reason behind that “in-love” feeling you get with that one person – it speaks to your soul (yes I just said that). Once you recognize the whisper you have a greater chance of being the Steve Jobs of your domain.

Q2. What about your dream gets you REVVED UP (Austin says ya baby)?

The therapy of writing down thoughts, trying to understand the world and humanity, finding depth and light in all of it, creating art, and providing emotional impact in 1 minute, 30 minutes, 60 or 120 minutes TURNS ME ON like Donkey Kong Ryan Gosling.

Take a “time out” to really think about this.

3. If you only recently heard the whisper, does that mean your dream is just a passing whim?

I worry that writing is my fall back for acting, the second in line for the throne, the easiest gal in the bar.

But really there are multiple entry ways into the same goal. It just wasn’t on my radar before or within my realm of possibility. The same can be said for producing, which fits my resume and may be an easier, trap door to use.

Kristin Wiig as Annie in her crap car in Bridesmaids

Embrace your mode of transport - just make sure you can see clearly ahead

Your tunnel vision may have been focusing on the most literal, most visible execution, even if it didn’t play to your strengths or experience.

Once you lift the blindfold and gaze at this new open road, you may be tempted to give yourself a flat tire with 1,000,001reasons why you are not capable of the drive. Exhibit A:

My life has been so uneventful and boring, what could I write about that others would find interesting? I never went to film school. I don’t want to expose my soul through writing and be judged. I’m scared to go inside myself. I don’t want to be a starving artist. I don’t know where to begin.

You may feel unqualified/terrified behind the wheel. As long as you aren't a virgin, you're better off than Cher. Just kidding!

Call Roadside Assistance and Rear End your inner meanie

Look, you can talk yourself out of anything.

You probably won’t be great in the beginning but practice and persistence pay off. And even if you pursue a totally different direction in the end (like Michelle at When I Grow Up Coach), you’ll be richer in experience and perspective, which will serve you well if you let it.

Sometimes you need to let yourself veer off course if it feels right and see what is there.