To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield


Making the most of your time on earth is a common theme on this blog. I recently posted about 3 “near death” experiences (varying degrees) and that got me thinking about the movie One Week (a slight oldie but goodie).  This sweet little movie that could begs the question: if you got sentenced with a life threatening illness, would you continue to lead the life you are living?

I watch a lot of movies, but I only evangelize about the high quality ones with something profound to say.  While the concept of this movie isn’t revolutionary, the execution is different. It isn’t overdone or formulaic and it is authentically cast. The story unfolds slowly but it draws you in with narration and scenes that cut from the past to the present, all while showcasing the beauty Canada has to offer.

It doesn’t hurt that Joshua Jackson is easy on the eyes, but a “man’s man”

Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway

The story centers around Ben Tyler (Joshua Jackson), a school teacher in his twenties, engaged to be married and diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. Before surrendering to the painful reality of treatment, he decides to ride a motor bike from Toronto to BC, spurred by seemingly random events, including one Roll Up the Rim to Win Cup (yay Tim Hortons).

Ben’s first 3 thoughts post-diagnosis were moments of personal truth never declared; suppressed but omnipresent.

  1. His 4th grade teacher who lied to him about not being able to sing. So he became a teacher instead.
  2. His rejection from multiple book publishers. So he stopped writing and trying to get published.
  3. His relationship passion was fizzling. So he…??

Ben internalized past criticisms and “failures” and stopped believing he deserved what his heart yearned for. I can say I’ve been guilty of holding onto the No’s instead of the Yes’s and reacting accordingly.

  • When I took swimming lessons as a kid, I was afraid of drowning – it took me 8 tries to pass yellow and then I stopped. I wasn’t a good swimmer.
  • When I took figure skating, I was afraid of falling during the jumps – so I stopped skating. I wasn’t very good.
  • When I failed my ballet exam (the full story will come in another post) I stopped ballet.

Successful people are those that get slapped with No’s and obstacles and keep on going. Even though I wasn’t particularly passionate about these activities (which makes a huge difference), the examples highlight that when positive reinforcement does not exist, so does the desire to pursue a particular behaviour.

The Verdict

The ending of this movie is absolutely perfect – that is all I will say. It’s cold outside, so cozy up to this movie before the New Year. I can’t guarantee you will cry, or self reflect or feel motivated but all three are very possible side effects of watching the film.

What other movies do you recommend? Have your say in the Comments!

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