Yes I’m drinking Ginger Ale and no I don’t want fries rye with that. Since when did not getting drunk become taboo?

I think I get more flak these days than when I was in high school, proving peer pressure persists beyond acne and hormones. But I’ll admit my motives were not always healthy…

In high school I stayed away from substances to “be good” and impress my parents (for love and stuff). I also wanted to stay in control and avoid my #1 anxiety-inducing phobia of throwing up (also linked to uncertainty). But indulging in fear avoidance behaviour is not the way to go.

In university I gave drinking more of a shot (pun and it stays) but eventually linked it to digestive upset. And apparently I’m not the only one. Have you ever been in a bar/club and smelled what I refer to as the DRUNK FARTS? It is vile and rancid, only detectable after sundown, you pick the bar. Proving that some people just shouldn’t.

If only I could throw down shots like LMFAO and Lil’ Jon at the corporate party, I might be further ahead.  But alas, as a chronic over sharer (sans assistance), I don’t want to get drunk (or crunk) with co-workers. Sorry?

What irritates me is that if I used religious beliefs or an AA badge to justify my lifestyle, no one would debate it. But simply admitting that I don’t like the taste of alcohol, or feeling sleepy/dizzy the night of or a write-off the next day is so not okay.

I can’t help but wonder whether these grown up influencers want the best for me (join in on the fun), or if they are trying to protect their own interests (self justification etc.)…Probably a bit of both.

I’ve grown to like the challenge of feeling as free and fun as the tanked guy in the room, or getting drunk by osmosis (grade 10 science, whaaaat).

Today my view on substances is to do them from a place of neutrality and love and make sure they aren’t a crutch for something deeper within you (a cover up if you will). Or that you aren’t doing them to gain acceptance from others.

On the flip side, if you avoid substances from a place of fear, that may be just as bad and something I plan to work on more. I’ll admit I used to prevent my Ex from over drinking so he wouldn’t throw up and activate my anxiety, which is just as bad as peer pressuring (#guiltyascharged). This is something I like to call “control freak problems”.

At the end of the day, we live in the land of the brave and home of the free (or at least beside them). We should be more concerned with our own actions and let others be.

Take on the social customs and expectations that work for you and discard the rest.  Be who you are with flexibility to transform at your own pace. And if someone questions your life choices, just give ‘em the Jenna Marbles face:

The Jenna Marbles face aka stop talking, Sorry I'm Not Sorry, Thanks but no Thanks

Jenna Marbles throwing some shade i.e. stop talking


Also this kid is my idol:


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