I’m about to get a bit Oprah on you today, but DON’T PANIC. I wouldn’t waste my time or your time if I didn’t think it was important or beneficial. And one day, my little lambs, I’ll be sending you to Australia too, so hush [*sarcasm*].

Let’s face it – introspection and self analysis are not easy nor are they typically at the top of our To Do Lists. To the point where we can get swept away in this current called “life”, forgetting to raise our heads above water for a second to ask why we are swimming this river in the first place (okay- not sure that analogy worked, but I tried!).

A lot of people don’t want to face the music because they are afraid of what they might find once they ask the tough questions. I know I was avoiding it BIG TIME. But then I kept hearing an insistent, sometimes annoying voice in my head questioning why I felt such a disconnect between what I was doing and what I loved to do/was good at.

While I had some ideas about what my strengths were, my vision was muddled, so someone recommended I buy “Strengthfinder 2.0” – a book that contains a profile of 34 unique strengths. It also comes with a unique access code that can be used with their online assessment tool. After answering some questions you found out what your top 5 strengths are and use this book to learn more.

What I found helpful was that my top 5 strengths were related, and that I agreed with the results.

  1. Achiever
  2. Ideation i.e. creative
  3. Input i.e. inquisitive/research
  4. Intellection i.e. thinking
  5. Learner

Here’s what I would have liked to get from the Book but didn’t:

  • A more personal scoring system
  • A list of my weakest 5 strengths
  • Context around how my results compare to other populations that took the test (i.e. what % of people end up with my Top 5 and what are some characteristics of that population)
  • Career recommendations that take into account all 5 of my Top strengths

So 20/30 bucks later, I had some food for thought. I began to think of historical examples of things I did, didn’t do, thought or said that supported the strengths. I also began to brainstorm and investigate roles that would let me use these strengths. Now I have more confidence in the opportunities I am going after and I have some stories to back up why I’d be a good fit.

Don’t you want to do what you enjoy? Aren’t you a better performer when you’re doing something you enjoy? Sunshine and rainbows are possible people. It just may take some extra work to get there.

RIGHT NOW do you feel like you know what your strengths are? Do you feel you are using them?

Somewhereeeeeee over the rainbow

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