I recently caught Jessi Cruickshank’s 1 hour Life Special on MTV Canada (a little something I call “blog research”), commemorating her years on the network since she is pursuing another opportunity in LA.

For those of you who were not “Hills” Addicts, she hosted MTV Live and many after shows (Laguna Beach etc). I realize I’m getting too old to watch and enjoy MTV but that is beside the point.  The fact that the network bothered to make the special in the first place speaks volumes about her character and impact.

I found her story so so inspirational and wanted to share these helpful reminders with you:

1.       Let your obstacles, adversities and loneliness fuel your success

In the special, Jessi mentioned that she felt like no one really “got” her and for the first time, the MTV audience made her feel understood and appreciated. I’m sure this feeling helped motivate her to succeed and to be understood. I can certainly relate to feeling misunderstood by the masses, including my own family, at times! You have a choice to let criticism de-motivate you or propel you forward.    

2.       Turn your insecurity into a strength  

Jessi was always candid about her lack of success in the boy department, even in front of famous people like NKOTB etc. I can also relate to this, since I didn’t have my first slow dance until grade 8 graduation. SLOW.DANCE. (for full effect).

She could have been self conscious for not being the hot girl every guy was after and tried to hide it or put on a front in order to look cool/desirable.  Instead, she broadcasted her lacklustre love life, which made her more likable and relatable as a person = success as a host.

3.       Make fun of yourself before “they” make fun of you

And no one could come forth with a secret story about how nerdy or unloved she was, in an attempt to take her down, since “the secret” was already out in the open. Sometimes when you reach the top, others can try to make a quick buck off of you or live out a personal vendetta.

Brotha from another motha. Well, you know what I mean.

4.       Use your authentic self to your advantage

I also identify and love Jessi for her fearlessness and pure honesty on the show. Jessi didn’t give a damn what anyone thought! She was so easy to love and watch because she was herself. I can’t imagine how liberating it must feel to become successful by being yourself and letting your freak flag fly high. After all, that is what this blog is all about.

5.       Believe in yourself, and they’ll believe in you

Jessi got picked to be on the show with little to no experience, and learned as she went along.  For me, this personifies the saying “no risk, no reward.” I have psyched myself out because I didn’t have as much experience as the next person, or I didn’t think I was beautiful or talented enough. To the point where I made a half ass attempt, jeopardizing my chances, or failing to attempt at all.

Remember that when you take a risk like auditioning for something, the worst they can say is “No” and that “No” could be for a million different reasons – it does not mean “No Everywhere” or “No Always.”

Sometimes you just have to take your first step and throw your dream into the universe in order to have your call answered.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s all raise a glass to Miss. Jessi Cruickshank.

What other famous figures inspire you and why?

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