So the dude from the Toronto Island was many things, including:

a) a different religious faith than me

b) In the process of getting a separation/divorce.

Now I have to be honest, neither of these “facts” can be found on my “ideal” man list. In fact, the old me would have run for the hills and jumped to conclusions based on the above.  Logically, I know that having different religious belief systems can create additional challenges for a healthy relationship. I also can’t help but think that if he fell out of love with wife #1 and walked away – what makes me think that he wouldn`t fall out of love with me (hypothetically speaking)?

Then again, many of us have made mistakes in life and in relationships – is it right to judge and punish someone for theirs? I know tons of successful mixed faith relationships and second marriages.

My point is that in a world of online dating, where you can pick your partner’s traits like appetizers on a menu, it is all too easy to weed someone out based on these and other “ingredients”.  Sometimes opposites attract – and superficial elements don’t need to be the same.  To some extent we live in self-created boxes. Things we will and will not do and while we all need boundaries, standards and criteria, most of which may have been learned the hard way, it doesn’t hurt to re-evaluate them now and again. You never know what can happen when you open the door and step outside.

So back to dude. His energy, personality and allure (let`s just say, he’s multifaceted/adventurous) inspired me to give him a chance and get to know him better. We lasted all of two weeks or four magical dates (best chemistry to date). He will be remembered fondly as a nice fling. That being said, I am NOT into “casual dating”.

So tell me, are there any traits that have come on or off your Ideal Man/Woman List based on personal experience?

How flexible can you be before he turns into Hell’s Kitchen?

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