About Moi

Hi my name is Vanessa.

I’m 31 and after years of drama, tears and spinning my wheels (quarter life crisis on steroids), I’ve started a more spiritual, self help approach to life. I think I even see some light at the end of the tunnel.

My struggle has been to come to terms with the past and develop new, positive beliefs to replace old limiting ones. Specifically around perfectionism and the need to achieve in order to feel “good enough” as well the need to control life instead of flow with it and just plain fear of regret (#fomo).

I don’t pretend to have all the answers but I do try and offer honest, thought provoking perspectives sparked by my personal life journey. Topics covered include:

  • Spiritual growth
  • Living boldly and deliberately
  • Other adulting concerns we can all sing kumbaya about

By day, I work in digital customer experience (content / product / UX). I founded a program called “Self Help” to help assist customers online with their issues, which is ironic considering my book store behaviour (#WhenLifeImitatesArt). But I probably should have been a sociologist/anthropologist (there’s still time right?).

By weekend, I love books, indie movies and sometimes “TV”. As a kid, the Sweet Valley High Twins, Cher Horowitz and Topanga made me feel less alone. I’m a non committal yogi who goes on weekend nature adventures and may or may not be writing a memoir when the mood strikes. Travelling and indie rock bands make my heart sing.

We only get one shot at life my friends, so let’s stay hungry and foolish together!


Let's stay connected via the wonderful world of social media

Let’s stay connected via the wonderful world of social media

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A Brief Professional Bio: 

Vanessa studied drama at a high school for the performing arts before choosing a top rated Business school over a well regarded Journalism program. She fears this was her Sophie’s choice. With years of experience in financial services and telecom marketing, Vanessa is building her career in digital customer experience. That is, until she gets her book published, has it turned into a movie, in which she plays a supportive yet crucial role. All in good time…

More narcissistic fun facts (are we best friends yet?):