About Moi

Hi my name is Vanessa.

At 3-years-old, I was a rebellious wild child running circles around daycare teachers and getting labelled as “a very bad girl” from well-meaning adults until I reformed myself into an obedient, A-achieving student. Instead of following the beat of my own drum, I adopted the beat of others.

In elementary school, I struggled with friends, popularity and boys. This is when I developed panic attacks, anxiety, IBS and a fear of rejection (after being rejected at a grade 6 dance).

I went through an awkward phase with glasses, acne, a big nose and was “too skinny,” I started feeling ugly. All of this culminated into being somewhat of a late bloomer in “love”. The best decision I ever made was auditioning for a high school for the arts (in drama) but I never felt good enough to pursue arts as an adult.

By the time I hit university, I sort of lost who I was and loathed not just the person in the mirror but the person on the inside who kept betraying my soul by putting myself in situations I didn’t want to be in and pursuing dreams I didn’t believe in. My physical body was furious.

My first big break up at 23 was an awakening – I had blamed a lot of my unhappiness on my Ex-boyfriend where I felt trapped, unaccepted and like I could never live up to expectations (I sort-of felt like that at home too).

The seven years that followed were full of self-help, healing, professionals, independence and trying to break self-sabotaging patterns and limiting beliefs. I started this blog right in the thick of things and am still a work-in-progress.

But there’s been progress! On September 16th 2018, I married my twin flame and life partner when the time was right and I was ready. My IBS / anxiety is less severe but still kicking.

I’m passionate about helping others find their own path towards self-love, physical healing and true partnership with another. It’s what I have struggled with the most.

Xo Vanessa

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