I love me some Kanye West. So anyway, I signed up to eharmony and there was a lot of activity in the first 2-3 weeks, which led to going on 6 first dates in a two week time span i.e. a new first for me.  Like all new things, it was very exciting in the beginning, but has since lost some pizzazz. Here is what I learned:
  • The elongated communication process gets annoying. I started going through the motions of the 5 multiple choice questions, must have/can’t stand list and 3 open-ended questions. It doesn’t reveal much information either (note: you can skip this at any time with private messaging).
  • Wait for him to message you: The two guys I messaged first (out of hundreds of matches) did not respond to my communication request. It probably didn’t help that they were model-esque, but still. Unless he indicates he is super shy – wait for him.
  • Everyone’s profile begins to sound the same after awhile.
  • Online Attraction = Offline Attraction. If you’re not really attracted to their photo and communications online – you won’t be attracted to them in real life. I personally believe if something is there you can tell right away and going on multiple dates or dragging things out is a waste of time. There were a couple guys I wanted to give a chance to because they were good people, but if your time is limited, I wouldn’t.
  • Better to ignore or reject nicely? In the beginning, if someone sent me q’s and I wasn’t interested, I nicely let them know why, because I found it frustrating to get ignored by those two dudes. I’m not sure what guys prefer though.
  • Splitting a $35 dinner bill is unimpressive. I had water and we shared pizza/calamari appetizer. Boys, if you don’t want to put yourself on the line financially with an online blind date (understandable) don’t suggest dinner. Go for a coffee and splurge on her. If you want to impress a woman, paying on the first date is a smart move.
  • Avoid running into your MOM. Yes, “split the bill dude” also had the pleasure of meeting my mom in an accidental run-in at a mall by my house. MORTIFIED.
  • Grass is greener syndrome can suck you in. It can be easy to fall into a non committal trap because you never know who might be right around the corner. I’m happy I didn’t meet someone right away because I would have still been tempted to check my matches.
  • There should be a networking option.  Some of these guys had really cool jobs in entertainment or digital marketing and while I wasn’t attracted to their profile, I was dying to meet with them and learn more about what they did. But I didn’t want to “pretend” to like them and use them like that. Dr. Warren, take note.

Imagine what it would be like to go on a blind date with Kanye? Or how his online profile would read. CAP LOCKS anyone?

Well I still have a couple more months to go and I’m not sure I’m meant to meet someone online (Ed Note: this post was written a while ago, membership ended Nov 10). A lot of people have told me I will meet someone when I least expect it. Definitely holds true whenever I look for something in particular at the mall = mission impossible (thank goodness my cousin and I are the same size).

Stay Tuned!

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