What Dance Offs, Uncle Jessie & You have in common

Prompt #27: Ordinary joy. Our most profound joy is often experienced during ordinary moments. What was one of your most joyful ordinary moments this year?

 Do I have to pick just one??  

  • Willing my song of the moment (cue: Nicki Minaj – right through me) to come on the radio during my morning drive. And getting the side eye from fellow drivers as I belt it out.
  • Hearing my favourite song (Show me Love) at a club = dance off with innocent bystanders
  • Arriving on time when I thought I would be late.
  • Laughing until I can’t breathe and make hyena sounds = HOT (my mom thinks I should change my laugh around guys. Among other things. Thanks mom).
  • Finding chocolate when I have a craving (i.e. everyday).
  • Laughing or crying while reading a book or watching a movie.
  • Getting something that I wanted ON SALE. Getting the last size XS.
  • Treating myself to a latte = foam moustache. On that note, a killer Movember Stache.     

Okay fine – I’ll pick one.

The one thing that can always bring a smile to my face, especially recently, is hearing from someone that they’ve been personally touched by what I write on this blog. Cue collective “awww” (Full House Moment).

A good mullet (how are they not extinct?) & Uncle Jessie make/made me smile. So does the dentist on Glee.

Whether it was the week I was stuck at home due to another cold/flu and watched 175983475 commercials about cold and flu relief, all of which did not work. Or the week that someone from eharm cancelled on me twice after one month of daily, long emails (Inappropriate Warning: I imagine that is what “blue balls” feel like. Sorry). Or the week I found out I didn’t get the job I thought I wanted.  Those messages kept me going so thank you very much.

It is so easy to get caught up in daily stress or drama that the little or simple things get overlooked, when they could be used to motivate you and keep you positive. The Blog 1000 awesome things is a great reminder to cherish daily moments, before they get taken away.  I especially like #349 – putting a Santa Hat on your Pet or Grandma. I totally missed that opp with my yia yia.

PS My cousin showed her that she is on my blog and she wasn’t too happy about it. 🙁  

Now it is your turn to answer!

3 Responses to What Dance Offs, Uncle Jessie & You have in common

  1. Shannon says:

    Hi- just stumbled in here. Great reverb10 post. Especially liked the blue balls comment – it made me laugh out loud!

    • Vanessa says:

      Hi Shannon, thanks so much! I thought twice about leaving that in but honesty prevails! I really like your blog too. Are you on twitter??

  2. J says:

    Seeing John Stamos in any stage of undress is an ordinary joy for me…

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