Make sense of 2011 in order to have a kick ass 2012

This post was inspired by Simone at Skinnydip – the one where I get all personal and shizz about 2011 in order to encourage you to do the same. Holy moly a lot happened this year; take stock & surprise yourself.

January: Did you sign onto new commitments for the right reasons?

My hot torrid love affair with blogging was still in the honeymoon stage. I had received and accepted a full-time job offer to manage relationships and do site analytics for a cable company’s online TV website (after 3 months of half ass searching) with Feb 1 start date.

I was terrified to go corporate again (the politics, limited responsibility etc) but thought the position was a step in the right direction (entertainment), without a sacrifice to benefits, pay and vacation.  11 months later I’m happy I took the leap instead of continuing to wait for “something better” but I am now getting bored.

I also accepted a volunteer role to manage marketing for an annual Entrepreneurial Conference – I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into.

February – April: What risks or mistakes did you make in the name of love?

I tried online dating again, went to my first gay bar, and ended up falling for the complete opposite of me. I learned that I am curious about hedonistic people and lifestyles. I learned I am attracted to boys who can dance, have charisma and kiss like Latin Lovers but that I can’t keep up (and don’t want to). I look forward to mature, nice guys with a naughty edge and playful spark.

I also finished my Teaching Assistant gig and used the money to pay for my Europe Trip.

May – June: Where did you travel in 2011 – would you change anything in retrospect?

I spent May and part of June heartbroken, even though logically my reaction didn’t make sense. I was tired of having false starts and Europe couldn’t have come at a better time – it refuelled me.

I had some independent and fun travel experiences in London and Portugal (nude bike ride anyone?) and crossed two more new countries off my list, with a plan to return to Portugal one day.

My sinus and stomach issues began to kick into high gear (dry cough lasted 9 months). When I got back from my trip I was forced to slow down.

July – August: How did you get over new or old heartbreak in 2011?

I found out my ONE BIG MAJOR EX of 4 years got engaged and I finally mourned the loss of our relationship, something I hadn’t let myself do when we actually broke up. I realized I was carrying around a lot of guilt over our ending and I finally began to recognize the lessons from our relationship.

I became closer with my best friend who was my rock during these 6 emotional months.  I also dipped my big toe into karaoke and other scary things.

September: Did you take your health into your own hands with a sense of urgency?

I insisted on an early appointment with an allergist only to discover that dust, mold, ragweed and dogs didn’t like me very much. I am now taking shots and feeling better. I did an unpleasant stomach test and realized nothing was majorly wrong with me, except for acid reflux (GERD) – yet another trait I have in common with Betty White’s demographic (pass the alka seltzer sonny).

I completed my many duties as Marketing Director for the conference and felt a weight lift. I learned I am far more action oriented when other people are counting on my output and that I let details and perfectionist tendencies slow me down and make me blue, which will affect my writing.

October: Did you focus on your goals, instead of someone else’s?

I decided to only commit to new things that align with my big picture goals.  After a short break, I started to refocus on screenwriting by spending time outlining the story, attending networking events, getting a writing partner and watching great movies like 50/50. Guys started falling from the sky into my lap (about time) at the end of the month.

November – December: Did you get stuck and ask for help?

I got swept away in a swirl of work and social commitments. I felt disappointed with my lack of writing progress. I read the War of Art which helped and started seeing a life coach and holistic nutritionist to continue to take care of myself (along with weekly yoga). You can’t achieve great things if your mind and body are out of sync.

I was finally treated like a lady after encountering yet another douche. My best friend told me she’s noticed I am more positive and go with the flow compared to a year ago which is amazing progress.

Out with the old 2011 and in with the new 2012

Out with the old, in with the new!


In hindsight, 2011 was a year of discovery and passion. This blog helped me own up to my true self in a public way which I needed. I’m now refocusing for 2012 – a year that will be full of DISCIPLINE & COMMITMENT.

I still want risks, change and passion but I want to prove to myself I that can take action, finish what I start and make better choices for myself – even if it means foregoing a night of clubbing to stay home and write or sleep. That’s part of growing up y’all.

What word do you want 2012 to embody for you?

4 Responses to Make sense of 2011 in order to have a kick ass 2012

  1. Nikita says:

    WOW, can’t believe you started this blog a year ago, seems like forever since I’ve been on here to scope out your entries.

    None-the-less, great post on summation of 2011, here’s to a great start to 2012!


    • Vanessa says:

      Hey Nikita – thanks so much for the comment and for checking back with the blog – I know the posting schedule is somewhat erratic! I hope you have an awesome 2012 – making goals or mental commitments really without expectation and just keeping an open mind and learning a lot!

  2. Vadim says:

    I want 2012 to be a year of action. I am sick and tired of talking about change without having the follow through. The biggest challenge will be to not only do, but continue doing!

    For example, i finally started my blog. I realised that my initial attempt was too grandiose, i tried to do too many things at once. I cut it down to just writing once a week about my thoughts on the state of the web. So far so good!


    P.S: You dont need to have Captcha enabled, its annoying. You can rely on the WP default plugin “Akismet”

    • Vanessa says:

      I can’t wait to meet up with you again and discuss our future dreams. I know you will do great things. I hate that captcha thing I feel like it added itself. It is now gone 🙂

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