Dare List

[Dare] to embrace new, sometimes caliente, experiences:


  • Date a younger man. [March – April 2011] Originally not on the list, it was daring & a growth experience
  • Online Dating [Aug 10 – Nov 10; Feb 2011]. Suffice to say it isn’t my fave. See L’Amour for more details
  • Go Speed Dating [May 2014]
  • Do a pole dance or burlesque class. Do a photo shoot (lingerie or normal).
  • Meditate regularly.
  • Smile big at a beautiful male stranger.
  • Pick up a beautiful male stranger.
  • Fall in love. for the first time. all in.


  • Travel somewhere by myself (because I’m afraid to)
  • Move out and live on my own [Feb 2014]
  • Learn to cook at least 3 new recipes (given my current relationship with the stove – this is a big deal) [2011] Risotto, Mediterranean Fish in the oven, chick pea salad


  • Sing Karaoke. Live. (shower & car not included) [August 19, 2011]
  • Party at a gay night club – [March 2011]
  • Visit a male strip club [Sept 2010]. I think Hilarious sums it up. I won’t be going again without a legit alibi.
  • Go Camping (with a tent. For min 1 night, 2 days)
  • Do a Trapeze type activity [Sept 17, 2011]
  • Spend a night in a hostel (outside comfort zone)
  • Visit this shortlist: Portugal [June 2011], Croatia [Sept 2012], Turkey, Thailand and Bali
  • Go on a hot air balloon ride (no desire to sky dive and it is symbolic)
  • Zip Line / Parasail / Snorkel


  • Perform in a play or musical theatre number
  • Complete a complete draft of a written work