A New Year’s Wish from my Yia Yia

It may just be me but when I watch the clip below, I crack up every time. Since I don’t have a MAC (but I will one day!), I can’t easily add sub titles to the 1 minute video, but I will transcribe below. This should cheer you up after all that talk about tears. And you may want to bookmark this so next time you want to wallow in salty deliciousness, you’ll laugh instead.


Be who you are. Do what you love,


Disclaimer: This is the first video I ever shot with my camera. I apologize for it being sideways and dark. I’ll get better. PS I am risking my yia yia’s disappointment (she asked for the video not to be public) for the sake of my readers.


Me (cringe): “Grandma, say Happy New Years to the blog”

Yia Yia: “sing/hums” (does not comply)

Aunt: “No mom, you didn’t understand, she wants you to repeat it”

Yia Yia: “Happy New Year” (notable missing ingredient)

The rest is self explanatory

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